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Strong Durham Schools

By: Page Page

Before my children were ready to start kindergarten, I exhausted myself talking to anyone who would talk to me about my educational options in Durham.   Unfortunately,  much of what I heard about Durham Public schools was not very positive.  It was scary and frustrating trying to decide where to send my babies to school! In the end,  I learned that all the negative opinions were more perception than reality.  Both our children are currently attending a wonderful Durham Public School.

So, I was very excited when a friend decided to fight for our kids and our schools!  Strong Durham Schools ( was launched this year by a concerned parent, Elizabeth Tolman, to combat the undeserved negative reputation of our school system.

The mission of Strong Durham Schools is to improve the reputation of Durham Public Schools, foster school spirit and encourage parents to choose a DPS school for their children to attend. By allowing DPS parents to share true stories about their experiences,  Strong Durham Schools is helping other families decide what is best for their children.

It makes me proud to see someone stand up for Durham Public Schools!  As a parent of two children in the school system,  I want others to know how wonderful an education in Durham can be for our kids.   If you child currently attends a DPS school,  please help Strong Durham Schools with its mission.  Go out and RAVE about the successes your children have had!


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Leave Your Mark

By:  Mary Hunter

There are so many reasons why I was personally drawn to work with Urban Durham Realty, but one of the top drawing cards was the genuine mission of supporting and giving back to the community. Having been a former primary grade teacher (with an emphasis in reading) in the Durham Public Schools, I was recently intrigued with the Bookmark project.

In the spirit of giving, Urban Durham Realty was invited to participate in actually handing out the books we had collected in our Bookmark Community Fundraiser to the students at Holt Elementary!  What a treat it was to see the bight smiling faces of the children as they selected these wonderful treasures.  Many of the children expressed with so much enthusiasm some of the following comments and questions:  “Do we  really get to keep these books?”  “Will you call my mom and tell her that I get to keep these books?”  “Wow, look there is Diary of a Wimpy Kid!”  “I can’t wait to show these to my family.”  “This is so awesome!”

Julie Marshall of the Office of Public Affairs, Durham Public Schools, has the right idea:  “In education,” she wrote me, “we are all convinced of at least one thing: the earlier and better a young person learns to read, the better he or she will perform in all subject areas throughout their educational career.  It is not an understatement to say that your support of BookMark stands to change lives.”

As you can imagine, it was a wonderful experience being involved with the children in Durham. We hope to be able to participate again next year and help the bring joy to many more children in the Durham Public Schools!  Thank you to everyone who helped us make this event so successful!

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